Arial View of both homes and the lake

All of these photos were taken in January.  There was a light snow on the ground, which is the white color.  The lake is at it lowest level then, so you can expect it to be about 4 feet higher in the summer.


This is a view of our cove.  It is almost exactly in the middle of the photo.  We are looking to the North from approximately over Moors Resort.


This is a photo of our small cove looking directly south, down the lake.  The main lake is shown in the upper left of the photo. 


This is the best photo of both homes and the dock.  Lake 'n Logs has a white "finger" pointing at it.  To the right is Cabin on the Cove.  You can see the large community dock that is privately owned and not accessable to our guests.  For reference, it is 120 foot long.   The dock our guests use is directly in front of Cabin on the Cove, to the right of the community dock.  
Our dock is 20 feet by 15 feet, and in the summer it should have about 5 feet of depth at the dock.  It does get a bit shallow coming into the cove.  Probably as low as 18 inches (after labor Day), as you go over a sand bar.   But that sand bar that is only about 5 feet wide.  During the summer the lake is higher, and the sandbar should be at least 24 inches below the water line.